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Jerry Bayus, PADI Instructor

Gerald Bayus Jr

PADI MSDT #253092

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

EFR Instructor #253092

DAN Instructor #14267

PSI/PCI Visual Cylinder

 Inspector #24353


My Training Philosophy

I believe my diving philosophy is different than what you may generally find in other instructors and/or dive centers.......


As with most sources of training or education, the quality of training you receive is only as good as the instructor wants it to be. I believe divers should be trained to the fullest extent they can be trained for the particular course they are taking, as well as building upon the skills already learned. Thus, achieving mastery of the skills taught in any particular course should not only be the goal of the instructor, but also the goal of the student.  Achieving mastery means committing the time necessary, instructor and student, to learn the material as well as practice the skills. At the completion of any course, the student diver should expect to have the ability to apply the skills learned in any particular class confidently and safely. Being a competent diver means becoming more comfortable with their diving skills and abilities. The result is more enjoyment and appreciation of the underwater world.


My classes are not rushed, but rather focus on skill mastery and building confidence and competency. When possible, classes are scheduled to accommodate student’s schedules.  I have general minimum time frames I set for each class, keeping in mind that everyone may learn at different paces. Keep in mind that the type of training you receive in N.E. Ohio may be significantly different than the sort of dive training you might receive in southern states or Caribbean warm water environments.  Dive gear, exposure protection, water temperature and visibility all play factors in the type of training you receive.     


You don't buy a certification pay for an education.  When you commit to learning to scuba dive with me, or continuing your dive training, you are committing to obtaining or furthering your education. Costs associated with each scuba diving course directly relate to the level and amount of education and training you receive.  As such, you are purchasing and investing in an education, rather than purchasing a certification card. When you see selling tactics such as "you can be certified for only XXX dollars, or in XX days, think of your scuba certification as only being worth those dollars or days spent.


Just as in any sort of education you obtain, the instructors knowledge, commitment and dedication to your accomplishments and abilities, in the end is what you are paying for.  


I won't just certify you.  I will educate and train you to be a skilled, competent diver.

Gerald Bayus Jr.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

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