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Course Fee: 
$435 (e-Learning slightly more)

RecTEC Divers prices our courses competetive with other dive shops in the region, but more importantly,  we go beyond the industry norm in working with our students to ensure competence in their dive skills and confidence in the water!  We take student divers to dive sites they will enjoy and be excited to dive at.  Jerry Bayus is the owner and your instructor. It is his reputation on the line. You won't be handed off to someone who has no "skin in the game."  Please vist our facebook page to see what RTD is all about!!   Click here for Facebook! 

This is where your diving adventure starts......Watch “Liquid Television” as it unfolds right in front of your eyes…..

With PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Jerry Bayus and RecTEC Divers, you will learn to dive among plentiful coral reef ecosystems, an incredible abundance and diversity of tropical marine life,  dive on one of the many wrecks in the Great Lakes, or just 'fun'  dive in a local quarry.  We focus on safety and fun, while giving students the confidence to become life-long competent divers.


In your PADI Open Water Diver course, you will learn the fundamentals of scuba diving

through academic and confined water skill development. Upon completion of four open water

dives, you will receive your certification card enabling you to dive independently with a

dive buddy.


Learning to Scuba Dive can be broken down into three stages:

PADI, Open Water Diver, scuba diving, scuba diving lessons

Academics  (Approx. 12hrs)
It’s important for new divers to understand the fundamentals of spending time underwater for life-long safe diving practices.   My classes are structured utilizing home study & lecture;  Students use text books and DVDs to study at home and complete chapter reviews to prepare for testing and reviews which is then completed in class.   Class times are dependent upon each individual classes needs but generally run in three 4hr sessions.  


Confined Water/Pool Training  (Approx. 12hrs)
In the confined water sessions, students master the art of weightlessness and learn to move efficiently through the water by learning the skills needed to be competent divers.  Students must also demonstrate a thourough understanding of gear setup and put their knowledge into practice.  And who doesn’t like playing around in the pool?  Pool sessions also generally scheduled in three 4hr sessions.


Open Water Training Dives  (1 weekend, 4 dives at a local freshwater quarry)
This is where you bring everything together that you have learned.  Students explore the underwater world, making new fishy friends while demonstrating all they’ve learned. Students emerge from the last dive as fully certified divers ready to explore our water planet!  Generally, open water dives are conducted at White Star Quarry or Gilboa Quarry, or both.

Whats included:
Your PADI Open Water Diver course includes:  Classroom, pool training, 4 open water certification dives, complete equipment rentals, training materials, logbook, certification & instructor fees.

PADI, Open Water Diver Course, scuba, scuba diving

Requirements for Open Water Training:
1. You must be 10 years old and students under 18 must have signed parental consent.
2. You must be able to swim 200 yards continuously and tread water for 10 minutes.
3. Good overall health is required. You may need a Doctors approval under certain circumstances. 

4. You must supply your own mask, fins, fin boots, snorkel and surface signaling device.  I will help you with selecting the right gear to best fit the kind of diving you think you will want to do.   Scuba diving requires a certain grade/quality of equipment.  Items purchased at retail sporting goods stores generally are not of a quality suitable for scuba diving. Purchased correctly the first time and with proper care, personal snorkel gear will most likely last a lifetime of diving. Average cost depending on gear selection is about $350. 


With an array of courses and schedules, you will find RecTEC Divers offers a course that accommodates your schedule. 

Private classes (1-2 students) are also offered at slightly higher cost.  My Open Water classes consist of approximately 12hrs classroom and 12hrs pool time.  Regularly scheduled courses can generally be completed in two to four weeks (3-4 days classroom and 3, 4hr pool sessions).


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