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Richard Pyle: A dive into the reef's Twilight Zone    Richard Pyle is an ichthyologist.  Pyle gives a quick summary/discussion of what is happening during scuba diving with the gases we breath, a quick explanation of rebreathers and how they work, the seemingly un-ending discovery of reef fishes and tragically what happens when divers make mistakes.

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Equipment Manufacturers:

Dive Rite, Trans Pac
BARE wetsuits
Oxygen Analyzer
aluminum dive tanks, scuba cylinders
Scuba Regulators, Scuba BC, Dive Equipment
Scuba Diving Masks
Protective Storage Cases
Innovative Scuba
eezycut, line cutter, Trilobite
eezycut, line cutter, trilobite
FrogSpit, mask defog
Scuba Tank
Scuba Cylinder Inspection, VIP, Scuba Tank
DAN, Divers Alert Network, Emergency Oxygen Instructor
DAN Instructor, Emergency Oxygen, Dive Medicine
Scuba Lessons, Scuba Diving Lessons
Public Safety Diver, Dive Training
EFR, First Aid, CPR, AED
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