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RecTEC Divers Air Fill Station


Poseidon PFU 150

We are able to fill your scuba cylinders with air or the Nitrox mix that you want using our 'Nitrox Stik' continuous gas blending equipment.  Our air fill system banks air at 4500psi, capable of filling  high pressure cylinders with no problem.  Our air is tested to modified CGA Grade E oxygen-compatible air specifications set forth by IANTD, giving you pure, dry, filtered, compressed air for your scuba cylinders.


Jerry Bayus is also a certified PSI/PCI Visual Cyilinder Inspector and can VIP your cylinders annually or whenever needed.  We can also have your scuba cylinders 'hydro' tested when needed.  (See NOTE at bottom of this page)

Scuba tank air, fill station, nitrox, scuba, scuba diving
Scuba tank air, fill station, nitrox, scuba, scuba diving

RecTEC Divers Gas Fill Policy


Diver Certification:  Only certified divers may have SCUBA cylinders filled.  Proof of certification will be requested before cylinders are filled.  Appropriate certifications are required for Nitrox and Trimix fills.


Maximum Fill Pressure:   Cylinders will be filled to their rated maximum pressure.    RecTEC Divers will not ‘overfill’ cylinders.

Scuba tank air, fill station, nitrox, scuba, scuba diving

Cylinder Contents:  If the gas filled is anything other than air, the cylinder will be clearly marked with its contents.  The contents must be personally analyzed by the customer with the actual analysis and maximum operating depth logged in RecTEC Divers Fill Logbook upon pick-up. 


Oxygen Service:  Cylinders receiving a gas containing greater than 40% oxygen must be rated for oxygen service (O2 Clean).


Gas Quality:  All breathing gas fills are with oxygen compatible quality gases.  Click here to view RecTEC Divers Air Analysis Certificates.


Hydro-Static Test:  Cylinders must have had a hydro-static test within the last five years.  If your cylinders 'Hydro' has expired, RecTEC Divers can have your cylinder Hydro-statically tested, VIP inspected and filled with gas, ready to dive.

Visual Inspection:  Cylinders must have had a Visual Inspection within the last 12 months.  Luxfer aluminum 6351-T6 alloy cylinders (manufactured 1987-1988) will not be filled.  If your cylinders 'VIP' has expired, RecTEC Divers can visually inspect (VIP) your cylinder and fill with gas, ready to dive.  Gerald Bayus Jr is a PSI/PCI Certified Visual Cylinder Inspector, Cert. #24353.

View PSI/PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector Certification here.


Dropoffs:  Cylinders may be left for service and/or fills to be picked up later when complete.  

Cylinders must be picked up within 7 days of notification that gas fill or cylinder service is complete.


Refusal of Service:  RecTEC Divers reserves the right to refuse to fill cylinders that it deems unsafe or if there are questions regarding visual inspections.

Scuba tank air, fill station, nitrox, scuba, scuba diving

NOTE about Visual Inspections:  You will see many VIP stickers that state "Expires One year From Date Shown".  This leads to a common misconception that a VIP only needs to be done once every year. In truth, VIP's need to be done at any time when a scuba cylinder has or may have been subject to conditions that may have compromised the integrity of the cylinder; (ie: high heat, dropped, valve removed, cylinder completely emptied). A scuba cylinder that is regularly used may require a VIP at multiple times throughout a year. At a minimum, a scuba cylinder must be visually inspected every 12 months.  RecTEC Divers VIP stickers do not contain wording which would improperly imply an expiration date of a visual inspection.  

For more information on scuba cylinder inspections and 'VIP', click on the PSI Link:

Scuba Cylinder Inspection, VIP, Scuba Tank
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