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Faber Steel Scuba Cylinder Refinishing

This past winter, one of my older Faber cylinders developed corrosion underneath the boot. There was some water (droplets) that did not drain. The water worked its way thru the paint and primer layer and into the factory galvanized coating. The corrosion only affected the galvanized layer and had not yet affected the steel cylinder itself. These cylinders are approx. 10 years old. The pictures attached reflect the repair and refinish process from beginning to final paint. I used ZRC cold galvanizing product and industrial quality Axalta Epoxy Primer and Industrial quality Imron paint. Time will tell, but as of now, and considering the quality of the products used, I think these are finished considerably better and stronger than the factory finish was. I am estimating the cost to repair a cylinder, depending upon condition, to be about half or slightly more than half the cost of a new cylinder. If interested, contact me at via email at
Note: Faber is currently the only manfacturer producing steel scuba cylinders for the diving industry.

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