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 (RecTEC Divers is an Authorized Reseller for Bigblue Dive Lights)

Bigblue LED Dive Lights  2020 1200 Series, Rated 1200 Lumens

Dive Lights

AL12000NP II: $167.99

AL1200NP II TAIL: $188.99 

Producing 1200 Lumens, this light is similar to the Bigblue AL1200WP, but with a more narrow beam angle at 10°. The AL1200NP offers great features including the push-button on/off switch, battery-level indicator, and rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery.

Dive Lights

AL1200WP II: $167.99

AL1200WP II TAIL: $188.99

Producing 1200 Lumens, this light is a versatile addition to the Bigblue Dive Lights line-up, offering a powerful 1200 lumens and an 85° beam angle. This light is a great option for GoPro® or other camera systems, as the light is sold with both a red and yellow filter and mounting clip for easy system set-up. The Bigblue AL1200WP offers a battery gauge, a push-button switching mechanism, as well as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charger included) and can be easily replaced with an optional spare battery.

Dive Lights

CF1200P II: $199.99 

A powerful light giving 1200 lumens and 4 power settings with an SOS function. This light has a push-button on/off function, a lithium ion rechargeable battery and charger, a battery level indicator on the light, and an adjustable beam angle between 7° narrow beam and 37° wide beam. This light is a great, versatile light option for any diver.

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