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Pelican Float - Marker Recovery

Pelican Float - Marker Recovery

Pelican Float ™ - a Marker Recovery System

The portable buoy that can save a loss...mark a find...or even save your life!

The Pelican Float ™ quickly deploys from the surface or underwater to mark diving "Hotspots" or items lost overboard.

Neutrally buoyant until dispatched, it marks valuable finds too big or heavy to carry.

Patented, injection molded buoy is virtually indestructible and color fast, with Day-Glo red rings. Rides high in the water and is easily seen in all weather and light conditions.

The Pelican Float™ carries 100 feet of 225 lb. test tether line, attached to a uniquely designed 6 oz. non-drag anchor.

This portable buoy will rise to the surface if accidentally dropped overboard or released underwater.
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