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Dive Rite XT Fins

Dive Rite XT Fins

Dive Rite’s XT Fins. Designed for performance, XT Fins are ‘the’ fin for all diving environments. The special blade design works for any style of kick, including frog kicks, modified flutter, and power kicks. Used more and more by experienced divers, the XT Fin fin helps the diver push heavy loads through currents, maximizing every ounce of energy. The XT Fin's monoprene blend offers excellent balance of power to work ratio, providing efficient finning in high flow or stiff currents. They are stiff, yet with plenty of snap. Plus they are lighter weight than traditional rubber fins meaning you are less likely to cramp with long distance swimming. The pliable spring-heel strap allows for quick donning/doffing. A comfort heel pad and convenient pull tab adds to the ease of use. The stainless steel buckle is a Dive Rite exclusive, and is guaranteed not to crack or break.  Available in Gray/Back and now in all Black.  $145.00

I’ve used a variety of fins over the years and previously used exclusively a monoprene version of a Jet Fin style in all my open water diving, whether wearing a wetsuit or a drysuit. Once I dove the Dive Rite Fin, comparing back and forth with the Jet Fin style, I now consider my Dive Rites my main fin for almost all applications. They work extremely well with all kick styles, but especially frog style kick. I have more kick power that I’ve ever had with any fin and they are light, never having caused leg cramping.
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