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Jerry Bayus, Scuba Diving, Scuba, scuba diving, air fill, scuba lessons

Gerald Bayus Jr

PADI MSDT #253092

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

EFR Instructor #253092

DAN Instructor #14267

PSI/PCI Visual Cylinder

 Inspector #24353


RecTEC Divers News:

PADI Open Water 

Scheduling Open Water Classes for 2024. Call or email for class details or to sign up. Cost is $435 and is complete thru certification.  Includes all classroom materials and books, all scuba gear (excluding personal snorkel gear), pool fees, cert e-card and instructor fees.  See the Open Water Course tab for additional details.

PADI Advanced Open Water

Expand your dive skills and capabilities with Advanced Open Water Certification. Call or email for class details or to sign up. Cost is $285 and includes books, cert e-card and instructor fees. There are NO additional fees if AOW students need gear to complete the class with. See the Advanced Open Water Course tab for additional details.  If you include the Nitrox course with your AOW class, the cost for Nitrox is $230, $45 off the normal cost. 

PADI EANx (Nitrox) 

Nitrox expands your deep dive capabilities and safety. This class has no formal meeting dates.  Students sign up for the class and receive their classroom materials for home study.  When all students have completed home study, a class date will be set to review knowledge reviews and practicial applications.  This class includes an Open Water dive with a Nitrox mix.

Cost is $275 by itself or $230 if combined with another specialty course and includes class materials, Nitrox cylinder, dive and certification e-card. 

PADI Scuba Specialty Dive Courses  are scheduled upon request.  See the Specialty Dives tab for information about each PADI Specialty taught by RecTEC Divers.  Contact us for prices and scheduling.

DAN (Divers Alert Network) EFR (Emergency First Response) classes.  Any time is the right time to enroll in DAN and EFR First Aid Courses. See the DAN and EFR training pages for more details.  

Welcome to RecTEC Divers

About RecTEC Divers and Jerry Bayus, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

RecTEC Divers, located in Cortland, OH provides a full curriculum of PADI scuba diving training classes from beginner to advanced levels of instruction and medical dive training courses offered by Divers Alert Network and Emergency First Response. We also offer high quality dive gear to our students and the public dive community that we personally use each time we dive. Additionally, we provide equipment repair and scuba cylinder maintenance services. RecTEC Divers has full air station capabilities, able to fill high pressure (up to 4500psi) scuba cylinders with O2 compatible hyperclean air and Nitrox mixes up to 40%.  .  Click this Link to see the wide variety of vendors and high quality gear that RecTEC Divers carries. 


Instructor Jerry Bayus first obtained his PADI Open Water certification July 2004 in Tarpon Springs Florida. That same summer, he also obtained his PADI Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications in Riviera Beach Florida. Over the years, Jerry kept training and advancing his skills, earning his PADI Rescue Diver certification in September 2006.  After earning his Divemaster certificaion in May 2009, he went on to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in June 2010 and then a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, April 2013. Jerry Bayus is also a PADI Specialties Instructor for 20 separate PADI Specialty Scuba Diver courses  including the PADI Distinctive OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Diver Specialty Certification which Jerry wrote the instuctor outline for, as well as PADI Rescue and Divemaster Courses.  Jerry Bayus is also an Emergency First Response Instructor, teaching CPR/AED and First Aid Courses and a Divers Alert Network Instructor for the DAN full cirriculum of dive medicine courses.  

Dive training is not all the same. RTD goes beyond the industry norm in working with our students to ensure competence in their dive skills and confidence in the water!  We take student divers to dive sites they will enjoy and be excited to dive at. Jerry Bayus is the owner and your instructor. It is his reputation on the line. You won't be handed off to someone who has no "skin in the game."  Please visit our facebook page to see what RTD is all about!!   

Click here for Facebook!

Background; Jerry Bayus is and still works as a Tax and Accounting Advisor for more than 30 years.  Licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent, his focus is primarily income tax law.  Jerry also worked in the field of law enforcement as a deputy sheriff and police officer for 18 years.  Additionaly, Jerry is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and Glock Certified Armorer.


Please feel free to browse our website to see what RecTEC Divers has to offer.

scuba diving, scuba diver, air fill, scuba lessons

Kyle (KP) Prindle  (PADI AOW, WRECK, DEEP, DAN O2, EFR)

KP earned his open water certification at YSU wile attending college.  KP went on to earn his PADI Advanced Open Water certification on January 1, 2012 finishing his final 2 dives at White Star Quarry.  KP recently also earned his PADI Wreck and Deep Diver certifications and is also a certified Emergency First Responder, PADI O2 and DAN O2, certified Emergency Oxygen First Aid providor.  KP is working on his PADI Rescue Certification and plans on becoming a PADI Pro, looking forward to his Divemaster certification.  Kyle is one of the original RecTEC Divers and helps out with whatever and whenever he can.  Most importantly, he makes sure tanks are filled.  Kyle graduated YSU with a chemical engineering degree (couldn't guess) and works full time with chemicals and explosives !!

scuba diving, scuba diver, air fill, scuba lessons

To Learn more about Divers Alert Network or to join, DAN, click on the links below.

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