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DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuits

 Diving Unlimited International (DUI Drysuits and Accessories)      

                                                                                                    (RecTEC Divers is an Authorized DUI Reseller)

Please Call or Email for DUI Drysuit inquiry's or price quotes. All DUI Drysuits are custom ordered.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

FLX EXTREME Drysuit Lightweight and puncture resistant – the choice of exploration divers. The trilaminate fabric consists of polyester/butyl rubber/ polyester with the butyl being slightly thicker than the TLS350 – making it more puncture resistant. We then add Cordura® overlays on the legs for added durability. Yet it’s the outer fabric that feels soft to the touch and supple just like your favorite pair of jeans.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

TLS350 Drysuit

Lightweight & fast drying – excellent for recreational divers the TLS350 is one of DUI’s most popular drysuits! The trilaminate fabric consists of nylon/butyl rubber/nylon makes it lightweight, fast drying and ideal for travel.

It is also the drysuit of choice for underwater photographers, deep cave exploration and the US Navy SEALs. By varying the insulation underneath, you can use the TLS350 in the warm waters of Florida to the ice-covered seas of Antarctica.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

CF200X Drysuit

The DUI CF200X drysuit is truly a legend! The choice for wreck & commercial divers Only DUI has crushed neoprene! We take 3mm neoprene and put the material through a process which it actually off-gases and crushes it to about 1mm. This makes a very dense, stretchy material that offers the ultimate in protection from the environment. The CF200 is

the choice for wreck and commercial divers and those that want a drysuit that is virtually bulletproof.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

TLSSE Drysuit

The DUI TLSSE drysuit. Our famous TLS350 drysuit in a simple, streamlined version. The TLSSE is an excellent choice for divers who like the simplicity of a shoulder-entry drysuit or for divers with restricted shoulder mobility. Plus it offers DUI’s superior quality at a lower price.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

CLX450 Drysuit

Meet the DUI CLX450 Drysuit. The CLX450 is often referred to as the “Tuxedo of Drysuits.” The trilaminate fabric consists of Cordura/ butyl rubber/polyester on the upper body making it as rugged as it is handsome. The bottom is made with the polyester trilaminate to give divers great freedom of movement while swimming. The CLX450 is ideal for wreck divers or hunters for the upper body durability and is the choice of Army Combat Divers and the Navy EOD.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

CF200SE Drysuit

Meet the CF200SE drysuit. This shoulder entry drysuit is designed with the same rugged construction as our CF200X drysuit. You’ll be amazed at the comfort and durability of our patented crushed foam series. This drysuit will last any diver for years.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

TLS Public Safety Drysuit

The DUI TLS Public Safety drysuit is helping divers stay safer in most contaminated water diving operations. The Public Safety TLS is the most popular drysuit for contaminated water diving. The trilaminate fabric consisting of nylon/butyl rubber/nylon makes it lightweight, fast drying and easy to decontaminate. Dive Teams can customize their suits with colorful materials, reflective tape, team patches and more. Available in a surface configuration as well as a fully encapsulated diving configuration.

DUI, Diving Unlimited International, Drysuit

CXO Drysuit

The CXO drysuit is the ultimate suit for contaminated water diving. Designed to be part of a system that completely encapsulates the diver, the CXO Drysuit is quickly becoming the standard for Contaminated eXtreme Operations for Public Safety Diving. The unique features of this drysuit include a lightweight, durable polyurethane laminated fabric on the inside as well as the outside making it easy to decontaminate, contaminated water valves, and the ability to be made-to measure.

DUI, Divewear, Dive Insulatiion

Polartec PowerStretch Pro

DUI's Polartec PowerStretch Pro DiveWear Insulation uses 560gm double-layer all-way stretch fleece. Exceptional stretch and warmth. Men's & Women's sizes S-2XL. Available in made-to-measure sizing. Choice for sport and technical divers wanting minimal bulk.

Polartec ActionWear Pro

Designed to look great in or out of the water. ActionWear Professional is made with double-layer fleece with pill resistant, watershed outer jersey 560 gm/m2 with plush velour lining. Temperature Rating* 45 ° – 60 °

DUI, Weight Trim Harnass

Weight & Trim System

Get the weight off your back and increase your diving comfort with the DUI Weight & Trim™ System. The harness allows you to comfortably wear up to 40 pounds and lets you adjust the weights up and down, forward and back so you can put your weights right where you want them. DUI's patented System uses a pull-cord system that secures the weight pockets. A large, easy grip handle can be pulled to dump the weights. The DUI Weight & Trim System can be worn under most any BC, and is perfect for both wetsuit and drysuit diving.

DUI, ZipSeals
DUI, Zip Gloves



ZIPSEALS; All DUI drysuits include patented DUI ZipSeals that allow you the ability to change out a torn neck or wrist seal in minutes. Or remove wrist ZipSeals and install ZipGloves for the warmest hands you've ever had. DUI ZipSeals are available in Latex and Silicone.



•Maximum Dexterity (Orange)

•Heavy-Duty (Blue)

Compressed Neoprene

All ZIPGLOVES include Liners.
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